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    A window of opportunity for reform in post-conflict settings? The case of Human Resources for Health policies in Sierra Leone, 2002-2012

    M. Bertone / Conflict and health, 2014
    Decisions taken in the early recovery period after conflicts may affect the development of health systems. Additionally, some suggest that the immediate post-conflict period may allow for the opening of a political ‘window of opportunity’ for reform.
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    Impact of climate change on ASEAN international affairs: Risk and opportunity multiplier

    I. Øverland / Myanmar Institute for Strategic and International Studies, 2017
    This study examines the implications of climate change for international affairs in Southeast Asia and for ASEAN as a multilateral organization. Climate change and efforts to mitigate climate change give rise to major risks as well as opportunities in international affairs.
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    Myanmars attractiveness for investment in the energy sector: A ccomparative international perspective

    R. Vakulchuk / Myanmar Institute for Strategic and International Studies, 2017
    This report examines the strengths and weaknesses of Myanmar’s business climate in the petroleum and renewable energy sectors: how it compares with other countries, especially in ASEAN; what matters to foreign investors; and how this situation can be improved.
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    South Sudan: A political economy analysis

    O. H. Rolandsen, N. Kindersley / Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, 2017
    This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state of South Sudan.
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    Malawi: A political economy analysis

    A. Tostensen / Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, 2017
    This report provides a comprehensive political economy analysis of contemporary Malawi. The country epitomises the primacy of patrimonial politics – including endemic corruption – with a powerful presidency at the helm and a weak legislature, although with a largely independent judiciary.
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    Access to formal banking and household finances: Experimental evidence from India

    V. Somville, L. Vandewalle / Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway, 2017
    Access to formal banking is spreading across the world. Obtaining a bank account may transform how people manage their finances, and affect their savings and consumption. We report from a field experiment that randomly provides access to a bank account to a representative sample of villagers in rural India.


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  • 16 June 2017
    Bridging the gap between research, policy and practice is hardly a new imperative. At its heart is the virtue of research-based evidence informing policy and intervention design, which in turn increases the likelihood of desired outcomes.
    Seife Ayele
  • Moyan Brenn, Study
    6 April 2017
    The terms evidence-based and evidence-informed policy have become commonplace in the development vernacular and many development actors, including Eldis, work to promote the use of research evidence in the design and delivery of development policies and practice.
    Tracy Zussman
  • Image: Mir tribal community by Mathanki Kodavasal,  CC-BY-SA 2.0
    9 March 2017
    This article has been written by Anannya Chakraborty, Researcher, IPE Global - Centre for Knowledge and Development.
    Anannya Chakraborty

What's new

A basic pharmacy | Juliette Humble/DFID
13th November 2017
Our partners at Health Systems Global are developing two linked resources to support access to key evidence and recommended reading for a thematic working group working on health systems
Wheat fields
24th October 2017
Our partners at the GODAN Action network will soon be delivering a new e-learning course on ‘Open Data and Research Data Management in Agriculture and Nutrition’. The course will run from the 13th November to 8th December 2017, and is open to infomediaries, policy makers, administrators, project managers, researchers and scientists working in the area of agriculture.
Favéla Santa Marta, Painting of life in the favéla by dany13 CC BY 2.0
7th June 2017
If you are a regular user of Eldis you will notice some quite big changes to both the appearance of the website and how things are organised.
Man reads newspaper on wall - Dhaka, Bangladesh
15th December 2016
As part of our Eldis 20th Anniversary celebrations we've been delving into the deepest recesses of our memories and rummaging through dusty old box files to try and bring together some of the key moments in our history to date. 
Eldis Anniversary Workshop September 2016
23rd September 2016
More than 50 participants gathered at IDS on 15th and 16th September for our 20th Anniversary workshop."From dial-up to the data revolution: Learning from 20 years of digital knowledge sharing for global development. "